Rivera Handmade

Brand Design
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Rivera Handmade is a company that makes handcrafted soaps. Their old branding was DIY’d and had no color palette or recognizable logo. Rivera means river in Spanish and is also a city in Uruguay. So I found images that represent Uruguay such as the country flower, favorite drink, vineyards, and other images. The color palette is a combination of coral and green in different shades. I used the display font, Deglion, because it reminds me of water, and the body font, Acumin Pro. The primary and secondary logos are type only but customized. For the submark, I flipped the R and combined it with the H. I also created a pattern with the mark but randomly placed it for a playful feel.

Primary Logo Design
Secondary logo
Soap packaging

Website Design

It’s time to bring your business into alignment

Creating a website is not easy, believe me, this is what I do, and creating this website was like trying to wrangle a toddler that took a sip of Red Bull before bedtime. Stressful AF!! So ditch the DIYing and spend your time on the parts of your business you enjoy doing.

I’m ready!