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Enchantress Moon is a tarot card reader concept project. I’ve been to many card readers and the good ones feel very comforting and safe for me. So I decided to convey that by using a darker color palette that is broken up with mystical elements or lighter colors. The logo was made using Hallenger serif and I modified the text slightly to represent how we are interconnected in the Universe. I picked Interstate font because it’s a favorite when it comes to body text. The website was designed in Adobe XD and then developed on Squarespace.

Primary Logo Design
Secondary logo design
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Website Design

It’s time to bring your business into alignment

Creating a website is not easy, believe me, this is what I do, and creating this website was like trying to wrangle a toddler that took a sip of Red Bull before bedtime. Stressful AF!! So ditch the DIYing and spend your time on the parts of your business you enjoy doing.

I’m ready!