Cherie Savon

Brand Design

Cherie Savon is a handmade bath and body company that sells soaps, wax melts, and body butters. Its name is French and translates to sweetheart soap. The brand inspiration came from pictures of the french countryside and local cafes. I ended up with the main colors of cream, orange, and green which represent the brand words to a T. I chose the display font, Next Southerland Serif, because of the curves of the crossbar on the H and E. It brings a playful element to the font that makes the logo feel sophisticated yet relaxed.  The body font is a sans-serif, Brandon Grotesque, that can be used on any future brand collateral as shown on the banner. The primary logo is made with the display font but has been customized. The secondary logo is stacked and includes the submark. I combined the C and S of the name to create the submark. The two brand patterns can be used on future product packaging.

Primary Logo Design
Secondary logo design
Business card
Brand identity board

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