Bon Soap

Brand Design
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Bon Soap is a remake of a handmade bath and body brand that is based in Hope Mills, North Carolina. The old brand and website was DIY’d and used a variety of colors that did not match or convey the brand’s message. The inside of the store is lavender so I wanted to keep that but bring in different hues to make a cohesive color palette. I chose the display font, Losta Masta, which is modern but stylish and the body font, Inter, which can be easily read on their website. I created a logo suite and a pattern using the elements of the submark. This pattern can be used on product packaging or collateral as shown on the ‘Thank You’ card.

Primary Logo Design
Secondary logo
Bon Soap Submark
Bon Soap Pattern
Thank you card

Website Design

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Creating a website is not easy, believe me, this is what I do, and creating this website was like trying to wrangle a toddler that took a sip of Red Bull before bedtime. Stressful AF!! So ditch the DIYing and spend your time on the parts of your business you enjoy doing.

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