Ready to leave the whole designing a brand and website for someone else?

Raise your hand if you…

  • Bought a brand kit bundle, then took bits and pieces to create your “custom” look.
  • Picked a website template because it looked AMAZING on someone else’s site but it looked like shit on yours.
  • Found a perfect color palette on Pinterest but had no clue where to use them.
  • Just bought a brand kit from Etsy and called it a day.
  • Are proud of the business you created but are embarrassed to share your website link.

Hi, I’m Nikki

I’ve been there…probably too many times to count. I know what it’s like to have this vision of how your business can help others but the overall aesthetic is a hot ass mess and not consistent. So it makes you appear unprofessional even though that is far from the truth.

That is why I got into design. You see I’m a serial entrepreneur and have always tried to mesh my creative abilities with whatever I was trying to sell. But my websites honestly sucked. They were hideous with links that went nowhere or places I didn’t want peeps to go.

Back then I just wanted to sell my stuff, not learn all the things about branding, color therapy, UI/UX, and blah blah blah.

But because I’m a creative nerd, I dove deep and fell in love with web design. I went back to school and got my second Bachelor’s degree in web design and digital media. But instead of going to work for a design firm, I felt guided to start Gemini Made Studio and help spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to take inspired action create their brand and website.

Star Chart

☉ Gemini ☾ Scorpio ☿ Gemini


Reading smutty romance novels or exploring historical places

Fav Shows

Star Trek and Doctor Who

Last Vacation


Fav Foods

Kimchi and Bulgogi

Bucket List Destinations

Scotland, Italy & England
just a few of our

Recent Projects

It’s time to bring your business into alignment

Creating a website is not easy, believe me, this is what I do, and creating this website was like trying to wrangle a toddler that took a sip of Red Bull before bedtime. Stressful AF!! So ditch the DIYing and spend your time on the parts of your business you enjoy doing.